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Dexter Cattle for Sale in Florida

Triple S Ranch, and its proprietors Samuel and Sally Marrs, are proud of their growing herd of red Dexter cattle for sale.  They started by acquiring all of their foundation original stock of Dexter cattle from the famed Belle Fourche Farm, considered one of the top breeders of Dexters since 1988.

The ranch is situated in southwest Florida just 10 miles east of Sarasota on the Gulf Coast. The Triple S Ranch stock benefits from the careful breeding of Belle Fourche Farms and the Marrs, members of the American Dexter Cattle Association, are dedicated to following these highest standards for the integrity of their herd.  Their Dexter cattle for sale in Florida are some of the finest.

Quality is in Our DNA

The Belle Fourche herd is also known for producing animals with calm, friendly nature, and reasonable attitude.

The Triple S Ranch herd, all originating from Belle Fourche Farm stock, is Chondrodysplasia and PHA free. Both of these Dexter genetic lethals have been bred from the herd.

The Belle Fourche Farm’s program is focused on feet, legs, and udders;  The three categories that will shorten an animal’s productive life when conformation is overlooked.

They have also focused on creating animals with better rear-ends conformation, hock-to-pin length, and more hip.  They have one of the most intensive polled programs in the Dexter breed, so virtually all of their stock is born without horns.

Triple S Ranch strives to continue with these breeding practices in offering Dexter cattle for sale in Florida.  The Dexter breed has three colors, red, black, and dun.  We are focused on the red animals and our stock is born without horns.

We are happy to announce the birth of Figgy Pudding’s calf, Mistletoe Kisses (female), on October 11, 2020.

Dexter Cattle for Sale in Florida

To maintain our herd due to limited pasturage, we select cattle for sale.

Ina, Dexter Heifer

Julia Child’s Calf Ina Garten

DOB: 3/21/2022
Parentage: G5
Certificate of Reg. pending
Color: Red
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-Carrier
PHA:  Non-Carrier
Sex: Heifer

Samuel E. Marrs, Owner
7181 Westwood Way
Sarasota, FL 34241

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 941-356-7790


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